Group Posing Practice Levels I-III

By On Track Training (other events)

Saturday, September 23 2017 8:30 AM 1:00 PM

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED!! Walk-ups will not be accepted.

Group posing practice sessions are open to all divisions, unless otherwise noted on the event title and description. Each division's session will last 15-90 minutes based upon number of athletes registered. The length of the entire posing practice is based upon the number of athletes per division, each division will have a start time within the session.

It is highly recommended that you start joining group posing practices at least 12 weeks out from your competition. As we get closer to the dates of local competitions, instruction will move beyond the basic mechanics of posing and onto stage presentation and show order. Because of this, if you are less than five weeks out from a competition and attending your very first session, we recommend either setting up a one on one appointment with Christine, or looking at the calendar for classes marked Level I to get caught up.

Class Levels

  • Level I: For athletes who have never before competed, attended a group posing practice session or had any prior posing experience. Level I classes are also open to those who have some posing experience, but feel they need to really work at the basics still before moving on.
  • Level II: For athletes who have participated in one or two competitions, have attended three or more Level I group posing sessions or had a few one on one posing sessions with Christine.
  • Level III: For athletes who have competed a number of times or those who are less than five weeks out from a competition and have regularly been attending group posing practices for the last five weeks. At these sessions, previously worked on poses will be refined, but the main focus will be on stage presentation and running through events in stage order.

If registrations for a specific group posing session include multiple divisions and/or levels, a schedule will be emailed to registered participants the afternoon before scheduled session. Weekend classes tend to be very full and schedule can fall behind, if you schedule something after the posing session make sure you allow extra cushion time.

Limited spots available, class minimum must be met. If not met, you will be given the option to still attend but at a higher rate (based on total participation) or class will be cancelled and all registered will receive a refund or be allowed to transfer registration fee to another session.